The Book

Making Disciples: How did Jesus do it?

Jesus’ command in what we now know as the great commission is vital to our understanding of our mission today. Explore how important discipleship was to Jesus from the very first moment he said, ‘Come, follow me,’ to his command to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ – and how relevant it is to each of us in the twenty-first century.

“Makes compelling reading both for groups seeking to grow together or individual. I cannot recommend it more highly.”
Sandy Millar 

“Can there be a greater or more important challenge for the 21st century church? With lots of practical advice and provocative questions, I’m sure it will become an important part of the Church’s response to His commission in our generation.”
Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance
“It is my belief that this book addresses two of the most pressing needs in church life today, discipleship and culture. ‘Making Disciples’ practically connects the Jesus model of discipleship with today’s world.”
Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor New Life Lincoln & Leader of the Ground Level network of churches
Tony Pullin’s emphasis and focus on Jesus’ discipling of His followers, and on the way they then put that into practice as the church began to grow and expand, provide helpful pointers for today’s church leaders together with thought-provoking questions for group discussion.”
Mark Bailey, Lead Pastor Trinity Cheltenham; New Wine Leadership Team.